Aba Annotated Franchise Agreement

For start-ups, our franchise lawyers help determine (i) whether franchising is the right method of business development, (ii) the creation of a franchise program, (iii) the establishment of franchise publication documents (FDDs) and other franchise-related agreements and (iv) the establishment and filing of disclosure documents for state registration if necessary. We offer franchisees an equally wide range of services: assistance to individual unit operators and multi-unit operators in the acquisition and sale of franchises and territories; checking the FDDs; reviewing and negotiating franchise agreements, multi-unit contracts and surface development, leases and other contracts; Creating business units; and in the formation and representation of franchise associations. For existing franchisors, our firm conducts a comprehensive review of the franchisor`s current disclosure document and (i) ensure that the agreements are both legally and technically up-to-date and up-to-date, (ii) ensure that the franchisor has complied with all state and federal rules and (iii) create agreements that help protect the franchisor from the problems that often occur during the franchised relationship. This established real estate practice, which is not present in the vast majority of franchise firms, is very valuable to our franchise clients, as we bring years of practical experience to the following questions: Franchising is a method to extend your business by licensing a franchisee, operating a franchise with your trade name, brand and clothing. In addition to the value of knowing how you run your business, much of the value associated with buying a franchise is attributed to the strength of the brand. At Einbinder and Dunn, we can register your brand and help develop the legal framework for protecting and strengthening your brand. Our firm`s long experience in commercial leasing also allows us to provide advice and services regarding the location of our clients` franchise sites, which most franchise lawyers cannot do. With our extensive franchise and leasing experience, we can help franchise customers negotiate the best possible rental terms while meeting franchisor requirements. One of the keys to franchising is to teach franchisees how to replicate their business. The easier it is to teach a franchisee your proven business methods, the faster it is for that franchisee to be operational and the more likely it is that franchisees will be able to duplicate the success of your business.

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