Amc Agreement Format For Air Conditioner

AC Sercice Center: We, Air Cool Services are the main AC service center for all types of air conditioning and maintenance services. As part of the overall AMC-CMC contract. GLOBAL AMC CONTRACT – CMC . WE offer AC repair and maintenance service. Our service is provided by our team of service engineers, who are well experienced with all kinds of air conditioning systems. They ensure that the services provided are beyond reproach and satisfy customer satisfaction. In addition, we provide these services at most competitive prices. We are only looking for requests from maharashtra region. CMC: full maintenance contract. CMC contract includes a one-year warranty for air conditions, electrical parts, gas charge and compressor with quadruple service and additional claim charges: No warranty for the electric part of the air conditioners, gas charge, compressor, plastic and aluminum part AMC contract include one year and four-time service and claim. The CMA is not complete.

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