Argyle Diamond Mine Agreement

The CBA estimates that Rio Tinto has significantly reduced its forecast for the mine`s production capacity and, as a result, the dividend paid to the two indigenous trusts fell dramatically in 2016. The Argyle Agreement recognizes traditional owners as owners of the Argyle mining lease and recognizes the rights of traditional Aboriginal title to the leasing area. The traditional owners agreed, under the ILUA, that the mining company`s rights would apply for the duration of mining23. This means that traditional owners will not apply for virgin title over land and water until after the mine closes. After the mine closed, Argyle Diamonds committed to helping traditional owners apply for approval to determine local title to the mining area24.24 We have programs that help our Argyle employees find new jobs after our mine has ceased production. For example, we help our Argyle employees develop and advance a career plan so they are ready for their next step until the mine closes. While many want to stay at Rio Tinto and join our other operations, others are preparing a new chapter: as engineers, pilots, paramedics and even animal photographers. Ted Hall, President of the Gelganyem Trust, sums up the legacy of this agreement for traditional owners: MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)— After 37 years of operation and depleted economic reserves, the legendary Argyle mine in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia, celebrated its last day of operation. Arnaud Soirat, Ceo of Copper and Diamonds at Rio Tinto, said: “Fifty years ago, very few people believed there were diamonds in Australia Our demining plan, which will be submitted to the supervisory authorities for approval in 2020, describes our approach of closing the mine, remodeling and rehabilitating the country, preserving ecological and cultural values. , to support the future use of land by traditional landowners and to ensure a smooth transition to the local community.

He was capable, he allowed us to make decisions on our own terms. We determine what is happening in our region. We set the conditions and objectives and achieve them. As an Aboriginal person, I can finally walk around with my head held high.

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