Atm Processing Agreement

1. TRAITEMENT – Empire provides all THE ATM processing services described at the next location for the duration of the agreement, and any extension of it. This agreement on the processing of ATMs, concluded the following day by and between the customer, here in the OWNER/OPERATOR group and Empire ATM, as an Empire, agrees with the following conditions. 3. TRAITEMENT SERVICE – Empire undertakes to use all ATM operations only for the duration of this agreement to process all AtM transactions. Empire may add, delete or modify ATM network affiliations, as it deems appropriate at its discretion. OWNER/OPERATOR undertakes to complete or accurately complete all documents reasonably necessary by Empire to facilitate the transposition and delivery of such treatments, regulations, automated clearing houses and other services provided by Empire. WHEREAS: Empire handles transaction processing for ATMs. This agreement can be used to represent the ATM Owner/OPERATOR for the purpose of processing ATM transactions. 6. TERM – This contract is valid for one year from the date of installation or at the initial processing of the transaction, unless amended or terminated by a written agreement signed by EMPIRE and OWNER/OPERATOR 4. EXCLUSIVEY – OWNER/OPERATOR will not subscribe to another IT processing service for processing ATM transactions for the duration of this contract. 2.

MAINTENANCE – Empire reserves the right to plan appropriate downtime to make necessary system maintenance or improvement improvements. 5. CARDHOLDER CHARGEBACKS – In the event that the transactions are contested by the financial institution of the cardholder (customer) and are therefore reimbursed by that financial institution, OWNER/OPERATOR authorizes the direct transfer of such a disputed amount (plus all commissions charged) to the owner/operator`s compensation account, as identified in the signed ACH form.

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