Camera Equipment Rental Agreement

Equipment lease form (956) 882 5138 Studentenwerk 2.10 Fax (956) 882?7154 All equipment requests must be submitted one week before the date and time of collection, so that our department… 9. Repairs. The tenant must maintain, at his own expense and expense, all the devices of the rental contract in good order of repair, condition and work and equip all the parts, mechanisms and devices necessary to keep the equipment in good mechanical condition. Any problems with the device should be reported within 12 hours of receiving or malfunctioning. It is also understood and accepted that the customer is familiar with this device and that he takes care of its proper use. ! Job/bill No.: Owner: Check out/in by: Equipment Rental Agreement atlanta Kameraverleih (t) (404) 964-4343 Customer Payment?cc?check ?paypal?cash street address city/state/zip pick up date: ?pick up… 12. Shippinga.

At this time, Digital Lens Rental does not provide equipment and does not accept any shipments for return equipment. All aircraft must be returned to the location where they were rented. Rental diving equipment Portage Careers Club, including 12701 South Dixie Highway Bowling Green, ohio 43402 Phone 419-352-9203 Date 20 driv. lic. nr. Tenant`s Name Tenant`s Address City St. Date due ph. It`s time. The tenant must provide all the documents required by the lessor to justify the circumstances justifying the tenant`s inability to return the equipment to the lessor. 10. Loss and damage. The tenant assumes all the risks associated with the loss or deterioration of the appliance for any cause and undertakes to return the device to the owner in the condition obtained except for normal wear.

All the findings made by Tel during the return of the rental period. In the event of theft, the tenant must provide a copy of the policy report to the landlord within 15 days of the theft.b. The tenant must not substantially modify or modify the equipment. In the event of substantial changes, the tenant is responsible for all costs of the owner when restoring the equipment in its original state.c. The tenant takes care of and bears all the risks of deterioration of the equipment for some reason during the rental period. At the owner`s discretion, a cleaning fee may be charged if one of the following steps is to be removed from the device at the time of return:i. Smokeii. Mud, sand or dirtiii.

Cray or powderiv. Other equipment that must be removed from the device before being returned to the owner`s inventory. 2. Payment. The tenant authorizes the landlord to charge the debit or credit card deposited with the landlord for an amount equal to all payments and fees incurred under this Agreement. The tenant also pays other costs under this agreement, which are due to the return of the equipment, to the extent that the law allows, including, but not limited to: a) the fee for optional services, if any; b) applicable taxes; (c) loss, damage or repair of the device, loss of use, depreciation of the device caused by damage to the device, or repair of the device, and the costs of performing these costs, including administrative costs for the processing of the claim and legal costs; (d) the full-time fare is charged for each day of late return of the aircraft; (e) except, due to the owner`s fault, the assessment of all fines, penalties, court costs and other equipment-related expenses against the owner or equipment during the rental period; (f) all costs incurred by the landlord because the tenant does not return the equipment, including the cost of locating and recovering the device; It is agreed that the customer will immediately cease to use one of these devices, if it is at any time in a state of disrepair and the customer immediately informs the owner of these facts: and in this case, the owner accepts that with the appropriate shipment to receive this notification, he will replace this equipment with other equipment in good condition, if they are available.

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