First Air Collective Agreement

“Mergers are usually complicated processes,” Black noted, noting that despite some occasional bottlenecks, “cooperation between the two pilot groups has been exemplary.” As proof of this collaborative spirit and the relative ease of transition, the Joint Negotiation Committee, made up of pilot negotiators from both airlines, met in November with management to discuss the terms of a transition and process agreement. To everyone`s surprise, the parties were able to develop this agreement over a very long day. The new agreement repairs job security and basic safety for all pilots, the monthly minimum wage for potential merger-related reductions during scheduled flight rationalization for both aviation groups, contractual initiatives to limit contractual terms with third-party flights, and appropriate financial cooperation of the company, as the parties negotiate a collective agreement and an integrated seniority list and combine the two CMEs. The fusion of cultures is another task that the new bearer must face as it approaches the climax of this agreement. Mr. Black stressed that his pilot group has a good working relationship with management and that a detailed employment contract is at the heart of this relationship. While the two pilot groups are in the process of establishing a collective agreement, Schwarz remains optimistic. He noted that while the two recent contracts have adopted different approaches and terminology, First Air and Canadian North pilots have the same core priorities. MISSISSAUGA, ON, June 15, 2018 /CNW/ – Air Georgian has ratified a three-year collective agreement with Unifor, 91 percent of whose members vote in favor of the agreement. Air Georgian and Unifor worked together on this first contract, which lays the foundation for positive long-term cooperation. “We are proud to create the best environment for our employees and we truly believe this is a positive step towards greater Air Georgian,” said Julie Mailhot, Chief Operating Officer of Air Georgian. “This agreement is an industry leader and will support the recruitment and engagement of aviation talent at Air Georgian.” The Canadian government approved the merger on June 19, 2019, and the official launch date was November 1. The affiliated carrier will retain the Canadian North-Moniker, but will retain First Air`s unique colour palette for its new paint.

In the future, Canadian North will continue to integrate aspects of the two operations, including the combination of the two pilot groups. For the time being, they remain separate until a common collective agreement can be negotiated and pilots and management commit to an integrated seniority list. Unifor represents 90 Air Georgian employees working at maintenance, management and operating centre sites at Air Georgian`s Toronto and Calgary bases. The agreement will enter into force on June 1, 2018 and position Air Georgian as a competitive employer in the aviation market. Among the elements of its to-do list, Canada`s new North will have to combine its fleets. Canadian pilots in the North fly B-737-300s and Dash 8s, while first-flight pilots fly B-737-400s and ATR 42s. About Air Georgian Air Georgian is the oldest regional partner in the Air Canada family and operates more than 64,000 regional flights per year on behalf of Air Canada. With bases in Calgary and Toronto, they carry nearly 2 million passengers each year to 31 domestic and cross-border destinations. For more information: Contact Information: Air Georgian Media, [email protected], (905) 676-1221 x230 The strengths of the industry`s leading plan are salary increases, performance bonuses, improved group benefits and savings programs.

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