Gym Franchise Agreement

Territory granted: the franchisor does not grant exclusive territory or territory to franchisees. The franchisor provides franchisees with protected territory. The licensed location of the franchisee will be surrounded by a protected area described in the franchise agreement in which the franchisor agrees to refrain from licensing a franchise scheme or operating an investment by the franchisor or one of its related businesses. The protected area excludes all similar facilities and businesses located in special locations, mobile units, hotels, airports, casinos, military installations, Indian reservations, clothing or sporting goods stores or colleges and universities located within the protected area. The protected area is generally defined as a circular area, which radiates from the installation, which has a resident population of about 100,000 people for facilities of more than 20,000 square meters, (2) about 50,000 people for facilities of less than 20,000 square meters and (3) about 30,000 people or less for installations of less than 10,000 square meters. In addition to the licences granted to existing franchisees to grant other licences for property trademarks; This is also problematic because the franchisor (the parent company) generally has the power not to renew or revoke franchise licences. This has been so worrisome for some lawmakers that several states, including Iowa and Rhode Island, have passed laws guaranteeing franchisees` equity, while many others, including Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Maine, have introduced similar bills that have failed. This is such a controversial issue that in California, the Fair Franchising Act was passed by both houses in California, but then vetoed by the governor in September 2014. (4) () -We may ask you to contribute to a regional alliance of franchisees (one of the costs associated with opening a franchise that no one is talking about is travel and associated costs when visiting the franchisor`s website. There are a few different times that you are expected to visit. The first is before you even decide to sign the franchise agreement. This is for a walk through the style orientation to teach you to familiarize yourself with more details about the operations of the gym franchise. This visit is VERY recommended, even if it is an out-of-pocket cost.

If you are a charter franchisee and have already been converted from your old form of contract to the Charter Franchise Agreement, and if you apply for and license a new Gold`s Gym franchise within 3 years of the original charter franchise agreement coming into effect, you pay an annual fee for that franchise instead of paying the starting fee described above and the monthly fee described in point 6 above.

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