Icaew Training Agreement Form

To qualify as an accountant, all students must enter into an ACA training agreement for an approved training period with an employer or a ICAEW-approved training leader. A new employer may ask you to complete a longer training period by extending the duration of your training contract to a maximum of five years. This way, you may find that it takes longer to qualify when you change employers during your training. Your QPRT is required to inform us of the reason for the termination of your contract and whether you think you are appropriate and appropriate to continue ACA training if you wish in the future. You must therefore ensure that your behaviour is professional at all times. A potential employer will ask your current employer for a referral that will confirm that you are fit and regular to continue training with the ACA. The ICAEW encourages students to stay with their employer as much as possible for the duration of their training contract. If you are partially changing employers, it must be an ICAEW Registered Training Employer (ATE) in order for your ACA training to continue. In addition, any new employer may require you to take hands-on experience or additional training to demonstrate your skills and help them recover the training costs. A training agreement for each new employer should last at least three months and include at least 65 days of practical experience.

Promote your ACA training centres on our dedicated website. It is important to promote and supervise the development of your students throughout the training agreement, not only to ensure that your students receive the training necessary to qualify as an accountant, but to encourage your students to stay in your organization as soon as they are qualified. Take every opportunity to expand your knowledge. This may be related to your profession. Taking the time and taking the trouble to develop at least some of the skills you would have acquired during your first year will pay off. It will speed up your learning and development when you start. But don`t stop.

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