Mutual Introducer Agreement

If you need an agreement that creates an agent-in-principle relationship, you should use our agency agreement. The agreement can only be amended by the explicit and written mutual agreement of the contracting parties, in which case any modification or waiver of a provision of this agreement is annexed to the agreement and attached to the agreement. The contracting parties expressly state that the agreement fully expresses their agreement with respect to its purpose and invalidates and replaces all previous agreements between them with respect to its property. In all cases, the introductor must never act on behalf of and on behalf of the brand. In particular, it will not reach an agreement on behalf of the brand. Under this Commission agreement, the importer receives a commission for all contracts between the supplier and each imported customer within a specified period (introductory period). Even if the Board is not paid indefinitely, but only for income collected over a given period, termination. B of this contract does not affect the introductory period and commission obligation, so commissions may be triggered if a potential new customer enters into a corresponding contract after termination, resulting from an introduction the day before the end of this contract. In other words, the Commission is payable after termination for contracts concluded on the basis of pre-notifications before the termination date. This regime protects the importer of the supplier who terminates the contract to avoid payment of commissions after the arrival of a new particularly lucrative customer. Anti-corruption rules have been included to ensure that the supplier complies with the 2010 Corruption Act. These provisions are intended to protect the supplier from the importer`s actions that may contravene the provisions of the Act.

The Corruption Act (BA 2010) provides for a new strict obligation of responsibility of the company because it has failed to prevent corruption by an associate. A commercial organization is guilty of a criminal offence when a related person has bribed another person who intends to acquire or retain activities for the business organization or to obtain or maintain an advantage in the activities of the business organization. As the introductor acts as the supplier`s agent, the introductor will be an associate person of the supplier for the purposes of the law. The only defence available to the supplier is when it is able to demonstrate that it has appropriate procedures in place to prevent corruption by its importers. The parties are independent experts. This agreement is by no means an employment contract, since the parties expressly oppose any employment relationship as an essential condition without which they would not have entered into this agreement. Good trade relations are based on a win-win situation for all parties involved. And it`s a successful business introduction agreement. The supplier receives a new customer, the importer receives a commission and the new customer receives the service he sought.

The development of a distribution commission agreement ensures that everyone gets what they want from the relationship without one individual being able to enjoy the benefits of the other. With clear guidelines from the outset, a business introductor agreement can lead to a successful and long-standing partnership. d. This finder royalty agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces and cancels any negotiation, agreement or prior commitment, oral or written, of the parties.

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