Revolving Loan Credit Agreement

(2) the existence of rights, counter-rights, compensations, defences or other rights that the borrower or subsidiary may have at any time against a beneficiary or purchaser of that LC facility (or any person for whom such a beneficiary or acquirer may act), the applicable LC issuer or any other person connected to that agreement. , transactions contemplated by this facility or by such an LC facility, or an agreement or instrument or unrelated transaction; “swap contract”: (a) all interest rate swaps, core swaps, credit or credit transactions, futures contracts, commodity contracts, futures contracts, stock or index exchange contracts or options, bond or bond price swaps, futures or bond index swaps; Interest rate options, forward exchange contracts, cape transactions, ground trading, collar transactions, currency swaps, foreign exchange options, cash contracts or similar transactions, or a combination of one of the previous transactions (including all options for closing such a transaction), whether this transaction is regulated or subject to a master`s contract , and b) all transactions of any kind, and related confirmations that are subject to the terms and conditions of a master`s agreement published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc., an international agreement on international securities trade or another master`s contract (any master`s agreement, as well as all related schedules, a “master`s contract”). , including obligations or obligations arising from a framework contract. The director may perform all his duties and exercise his rights and powers by the in-between members appointed by the administrative officer. The administrator and any person of this sub-official can perform all his duties and exercise his rights and powers over their respective related parties.

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