Unreal Engine Royalty Agreement

The Unreal Engine End License Agreement for Creators is a legal document that you accept if you select one of the two standard methods of connecting to the Unreal engine. It regulates your use of the unreal engine and also describes your rights and obligations when you create projects with the module. This license is free and 100% unlicensed; You can use it to create internal or free projects or to develop linear content or custom projects for customers, but not for publishing standard offers. Download the EBA here as a PDF. Yes! The following revenue sources are unlicensed: This change to Epic`s Royalty model is retroactive to January 1, and you can see more about how unreal engine charges work here. 6. UDK Network. To the extent that Epic provides, you can choose to participate in Epic`s UDK network. You grant Epic a non-exclusive, fully paid license, free, global, permanent, irrevocable, sub-licenciable, non-resilient, transferable, divested, for all known modes of use for reproduction, distribution, public representation, public display, manufacturing, sale, import, moderation and other use and use: a) all information, codes and other material or intangible materials that you post or make available on the Epics network; and (b) any UDK changes or additions that you provide to Epic via the UDK network or otherwise Epic, including, but not limited to those that are intended to correct errors or other unwanted and unintended conditions that lead to the failure of the UDK, do not work or operate in any other way than expected. Regardless of the above, your legal rights as an author are not affected by the law of your jurisdiction. To the extent that permanent and/or non-revocable licences are not permitted in your jurisdiction, the licence you granted to Epic and described in this section 5 is valid for the duration of the legal protection of the intellectual property rights granted to Epic in accordance with applicable legislation. This is the kind of dramatic step I was hoping Valve would do with his Alyx/Index-Start.

By reducing licensing revenues (most games don`t exceed $1 million gross), Epic strengthens the ecosystem and gives a blessing to the niche VR that is still fighting.

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