Joint Account Agreement Sample

Form a joint partnership (the joint partnership) for this purpose: this Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties. No previous agreement may replace the Joint Partnership Agreement and no subsequent agreement shall become binding unless both parties agree in writing. This Agreement may be terminated with the written consent of the Partners. Each partnership is required by this Agreement to notify the other partnership in writing of its wish to terminate the partnership, not less than [number] days after the proposed termination date. Neither party is liable for more debts that do not arise from their capital investment, as permitted by law. Thereafter, the two parties mentioned above are designated either as parties or as partners for the purposes of the agreement. In all cases, all correspondence, communications or other documents referred to in this AGREEMENT shall be addressed to the respective addresses of both parties for the duration of their duration. This Joint Partnership Agreement (the Agreement) is entered into on [DAY] of [MONTH], [YEAR], by and between [PARTY 1], on behalf of [COMPANY], [ADDRESS] and [PART 2], on behalf of [COMPANY], [ADDRESS]. The capital of the joint partnership will be added: [AMOUNT IN DOLLARS] After the execution of the duration of the joint partnership, the profit/loss of the parties will be immediately used on that date through the special account, which will also be used to settle all debts due under the joint partnership. The funds must be paid into a special account with [bank] of [city] and must be distributed immediately after the signature of the representatives of the parties. In accordance with the terms, conditions and conditions of this Agreement, partners shall: partners conduct semi-annual audits of all records and accounts relating to the partnership at the time of their establishment.

The Partnership Manager is responsible for providing all records and books at the time of the review. The Director of Partnership shall hold regular reports and meetings, in person or otherwise, as per the wishes of the persons undersigned with the parties, at regular intervals of [duration]. The duration (duration) of the joint partnership is as follows: [DURATION] The date of entry into force of the agreement is: [DATE] The partnership manager shall be responsible for keeping records and accounts of all transactions related to the agreement to be recorded under [place]. In the event that one of the partners is insolvent, unable to act, excluded from exploitation, violates the law civilly or criminally or, in one way or another, is unable to fulfill its obligations under the partnership, this contract is cancelled. This Joint Partnership Agreement may not be modified, modified or revised without the prior consent of the author of the partners. The joint partners are only bound by the acts relating to the execution of the transaction described in this contract. The parties may not be construed as supplements, representatives or collaborators of the other who go beyond the terms of this AGREEMENT. . . .

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