Literary Agency Agreement Sample

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State [insert State of the Literary Agency]. Resilience The agreement may provide that it may be transferred by the Agency. 9. NO WARRANTIES: The Author acknowledges that the Agency does not purchase literary real estate and cannot guarantee or guarantee the sale of the work or any other work that falls under the terms of this Agreement. The author acknowledges that there may be other works on the market that may be similar to the work and that neither the Agency, nor its collaborators, nor its successors, nor its recipients can be responsible for the existence of such competing works. The Agency shall have the right to present similar content as long as the presentation is not directly involved in the efforts made on behalf of the factory. At the author`s option, works submitted for representation may be registered with the United States Copyright Office, although it is customary for the publisher to acquire copyright on behalf of the author when the work has become viable commercial property under a legally binding contract. The author undertakes to inform the Agency if and when such copyright is obtained. I would like to sign with a literary agent for my book. The agent can help me publish my book. I am willing to sign a contract with the agent so that I can send my book to the agent. I wrote a book “Slave Island” in Papua New Guinea.

I wish you to help me and publish my book. Fees The Agency may be expressly authorized to deduct from funds due to the author costs such as postage, messengers, bank charges, photocopies of a manuscript and sending copies of a manuscript to foreign publishers and / or sub-agents. 11. GENERAL CONDITIONS: the parties are independent contractors of the other and, unless expressly provided, no representative or representative of the others and, in no case, a member of the staff of the other. Due to the personal nature of the author`s services, this agreement is not assigned or transferable by the author, but the heirs and recipients of the author`s assignment are required to pay the Agency all costs due as if the author were alive. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior discussions, agreements and agreements….

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